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Hello Friends!

My name is Jessica. It is so nice to meet you!
I have been in the beauty industry for nearly a decade and as the years go on my passion for everything hair keeps growing!

A little about me

My mom is a licensed cosmetologist and I grew up being around the industry. However, I never really saw myself becoming a hairstylist as well.

Although, now I can't imagine doing anything else!

I am an education junky and enjoy watching and learning from top stylists within the industry.

Blondes are my specialty and true passion. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy other hair colors, I just gear my focus to anything blonde. I say it takes one to get one ;)


Get to know me

I am a part-time bartender at a Golf Course in Arvada and am always up for a tee time!

If I'm not at work or on the course, you can usually find me at a country concert or trying out a new restaurant!

Coffee anyone? and yes.. I take it iced and black please